People who want to make a difference want a leader with zeal for what God has called them to. They want a leader who is excited about their job, their responsibility, because they see God in their calling and work.

Action Steps:

To get the zeal of the Lord you need to ask for it!

To get the zeal of the Lord in your leadership you need to submit your leadership to Him. You will need to do things His way. You will need to do the things He would do. You will need to focus on the needs that He would focus on. You need to give Him the praise.

Jude tells us we need to do 6 things to be “contenders”:

  1. (v. 17) Remember what God has said to us… get in His Word and let His Word in us.
  2. (v. 20) Build yourselves up in the faith… don’t blame others for our failures. Set a spiritual goal we know we need to grow!
  3. (v. 20) Pray in the Holy Spirit… Set a time and a place to pray!
  4. (v. 21) Keep yourself in God’s love… clean up a negative attitude, a jealousy or a bitterness.
  5. (v. :22) Be merciful… restore a broken relationship. You make the first move.
  6. (v. 23) Hating even the clothing stained… Get rid of one thing you know offends God.

It takes zeal, the zeal of the Lord, to be a contender. If you are not a contender, why are you in leadership? Step aside.

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