3 Primary Relationships

These three relationships create a form of accountability for every leader.

In order to last in leadership, each of us need to develop and nurture 3 primary relationships in our lives. This has been taught and modeled to me by Jim Burns, with HomeWord.com.

3 Primary Relationships:

1.   MENTOR/COACH :     A mentor is someone that guides you, helps you, supports you, and teaches you. A mentor is someone you spend personal time with, and someone that invests in your life. A mentor is someone you look up to and want to learn from.

2.   SUPPORT GROUP :   A support group is a group of people that meet regularly for the purpose of accountability, support, encouragement and prayer. A support group is usually made up of people in the same stage of life that have a common denominator. Key to making this work is meeting regularly and having confidentiality in the group. It needs to be a safe place, a place where you can be completely honest with each other and where you can ask each other tough questions.

3.   DISCIPLE/SOMEONE YOU’RE COACHING:   We all need someone to be pouring into. Someone to teach, to encourage and to walk with. Find someone to be intentional with. Learn to pass on the things that were given to you. There are so many people around you that would benefit from this type of relationship.

Leadership is often a lonely role. Learn to share your life by developing each of these relationships in your life.


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