How to Communicate With Your Board

Typically, the Non-Profit Board will empower the President/CEO to run, manage and lead the organization.

From the perspective of a Board Member, here are  6 things we’d like to ask our leaders to keep in mind in their communication to the Board:

#1)  TIMELY:  We don’t like surprises.  Let us know what’s going on, and don’t wait to spring things on us.

#2)  TRANSPARENT:  Be honest.  You don’t need to spin things so they sound better than they are.  Give it to us real, and tell us how you feel.

#3)  RELEVANT:  We don’t need all the detail.  We care, but we are also busy.  Give us the information that you want us to know, and the information that we need in order to make good decisions.

#4)  ACCESSIBLE:  If I have questions, I’m going to give you a call or write you a note.  Please respond!

#5)  CONSIDERATE:  Please realize that I have a full-time job.  I care deeply about this organization and want to do all that I can, but I have other responsibilities and I’d like you to remember that.

#6)  CLEAR:  Tell me exactly what you need help with, what I can do to assist you and what the expectations are.  I can respond better if I have all the information in front of me.

If you are the leader of your organization, and you report to the Board, try to remember these things. It will make a difference. 

You need your Board, and they need you.  This level of communication will help to nurture your relationship!



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