Personal Accountability Questions

The idea of being a part of an accountability group means that there are some hard questions you’re willing to ask and answer. Without honesty and vulnerability, an accountability group is a waste of time.

Here are some questions that my accountability group has agreed to ask and answer:


  • Have you had intentional time with your wife this week?
  • Is there anything you need to share with your wife that you don’t want to?
  • How have you communicated to your wife that you love her this week?
  • Have you prayed with your wife this week?
  • Have you had individual time with your kids this week?
  • Have you prayed with your kids this week?


  • Have you had any personal time in the Word this week?
  • Have you had time talking with God and listening to Him?
  • Are you being stretched in your faith?
  • Do people see Jesus in you?


  • Have you looked at any porn this week or anything you shouldn’t be looking at?
  • Have you been out of control drinking?  (goals)
  • Have you exercised this week?  (goals)
  • How has your eating been?  (goals)
  • Have you had financial integrity this week?

These are just the start. Add questions based on the needs of your group.  These are some to get you started!



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