Protect Yourself

We all need protection.  Protection from others and protection from ourselves.

If you find yourself in a position of leadership, and there isn’t a set system of accountability for you, you need to create one.

The risks of being a leader without accountability are great.  A study of the life of David will remind you how easy it is to lose track of your purpose and fall into something that you shouldn’t be doing.  The ramifications of this are huge!

Now, most of you aren’t KINGS with ultimate power, but you may be a leader that feels that you can’t do any wrong.

You need people speaking into your life on a daily basis.  Asking tough questions.  Challenging you on decisions.  Caring for your  personal integrity.

If you choose to NOT create this system around you, you are opening yourself up for a lot of trouble:

*You’ll be tempted to bend the rules a little bit.

*You’ll create some short-cuts which make things easier.

*You’ll drop your guard when pressure hits.

*You’ll forget your values when you get tired, distracted or bored.

*You’ll ignore the needs of those closest to you in order to fulfill needs for others.

*You’ll deny that you’re in trouble and you’ll defend your actions to everyone.

 Put some people around you.  Protect yourself.  Finish the course.

Proverbs 15:22 reminds us:

“Without counsel plans fail.  But with many advisors, they succeed”



We’ve created some other ideas around accountability.  CLICK HERE and if you have some of your own, share them with me and we’ll share them with others.  Write to me at

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