I’ve had so many people teach me about delegation over the years. Some have taught me well, others have really frustrated me.

Some things I’ve learned about delegation:

  • Delegation is not having people do the things that you don’t want to do
  • Delegation is not busy work
  • Delegation is not simply a way to spread the load

Delegation needs to be intentional. It’s the process of helping someone learn and then taking leadership and ownership.

The best formula of delegation I’ve ever seen comes from my friend Jim Burns in something he calls, “The 4 Stages of Ease.”


Phase #1

I Do It, You Watch

Phase #2

I Do It, You Do It Too

Phase #3

You Do It, I Help and Supervise You

Phase #4

You Do It, I Do Something Else

When you follow this pattern, there’s a clear process of learning, watching, taking some of the leadership to a point of taking charge, freeing the other person to grow in another area.

Try this the next time you are planning an event or doing a set of tasks.
Delegation is empowering others to lead. It’s not dumping things on them to do.

Be a great leader…. Learn to delegate well!

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