Keeping Your Team… Continued

I recently shared John Maxwell’s 4 ways  to keep your team:

#1)  Know Your Team

Relationships matter.  People don’t leave companies, they leave people.  They also stay for people.  The time you invest in creating personal connections with your team pay dividends in the long run.

#2)  Coach for Improvement

Sometimes you need to stop being a boss, and be a coach.  Become the guiding force, pushing them to excel.

#3)  Make Fun a Priority

Create an atmosphere where people can laugh, where they can have fun and where they can relax.  Be intentional about this.

#4)  Focus on Values

People can quit a job, but they find it hard to quit a cause. People want to know that what they do every day matters.  Build a team around values, not just skills.


Today in Inc Magazine, I read Janine Popick’s article on “4 Ways to Keep the Team Happy“:

#1)  Don’t Pretend

Be honest with people.  They will respect you whether they disagree or agree with you.  Don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

#2)  Transparency is Key

As your organization grows, you need to work hard to communicate with people and to keep them in the loop, both the good and the bad.

#3)  Give Them Space

Allow people to work the way they need to work.  Give them some space to do their jobs, and give them some space so they can create the best work environment.

#4)  Invest in Their Growth

If you do your best and invest in your team’s growth, people will stay and will continue to contribute.  Help them get to the next level.

Now  you’ve got 8 ideas to help keep you team, to empower them, and to help them to be the most productive they can be!

How are you doing with these?


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