Running Good Team Meetings

If I didn’t have to go to meetings, I’d like my job a lot more.

From Death by Meeting, Patrick Lencioni

In order to build a more effective team, you need to meet together.

In order to work better as a team, your meetings need to be efficient, valuable, and timely.

So many times we have meetings because it’s what we “think” we’re supposed to do.

Here are five tips to help make your meetings more effective:

 1)  Plan and Prepare For Your Meeting

When the leader doesn’t want to be there, or isn’t prepared, it affects the outcome of your meeting.  If you are the leader, be ready!  Take the time to make a plan for your meeting and to think through desired outcomes.

2)  Develop An Agenda

Think through the most important things you need to work on with your team and create an agenda to get through them.  Determine how long you want to spend on each item and follow it.  Have a clear beginning and end to your meeting.

#3)  Team Participation

Don’t let the meeting be full of one-way communication.  Allow your team to offer feedback and to push back.  You want their honest opinions so you need to create an environment where they can share how they really feel.  A meeting isn’t a place to “report.”  It’s a place to “discuss.”

4)  Conflict

The best place to have conflict is in a meeting, especially when the team knows each other, trusts each other, and values each other’s opinion.  Don’t be afraid of conflict or disagreement.  As the leader, listen to your team members.  They may know things that you don’t know.

5)  Action Points

End the meeting by talking about action points:  what needs to happen next.  Talk about assignments, talk about your next meeting, and remind them of what you’ve accomplished.  Send them a copy of your notes for the meeting so everyone has the same information.

Meetings are great places to do business when they are run effectively!


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