Coaching begins with Listening

Often we think that coaching is simply telling others what they need to do.

The single most important thing for any coach is for them to understand the value of LISTENING.

Before you begin sharing your advice, your life stories, your insights and your instructions, listen to what’s going on.  Learn to ask questions, then LISTEN to the answers.  You will learn some valuable insight that will help you coach and direct with a purpose.

Here are some great questions to ask BEFORE you begin:

*Tell me a little bit about yourself:   (family, strengths, significant influences, goals)

*Tell me a little bit about your situation:  (leadership, organization, role, struggles)

*Tell me a little bit about what you want to accomplish through coaching:  (goals, major issues to deal with, what growth looks like)

*Tell me why you need coaching:  (what made you aware of this need in your life and role?)

*Do you want to enter into a coaching relationship that has a foundation of trust and honesty?  (if not, this is a waste of time)


Take some time to process this conversation, then begin the relationship.

Remember, as a coach it’s not about YOUR agenda.  You are there to help process!


Russ Cline/ 2012

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