Coaching Group #2: ADAPTABILITY

I think one of the most important aspects of developing a Coaching Group is your ability to ADAPT the topic of conversations to the real-life issues and questions the members of your group have.

You may be having a conversation about a topic that you don’t think applies to you.  I want to remind you:  Every conversation you have in a coaching conversation has something of value to you.  Here are some ways to get the most out of a coaching group conversation:


Get rid of any distractions.  Realize that it’s not all about you. Listen to the needs and issues of others.  Listen more than you speak.  Listen to the “real issues” which are sometimes masked by other issues.


Put the conversation in context by asking questions.  Clarify something that was said.  Be sure to have a good picture of the situation before you begin to contribute advice or even form an opinion.  Good questions will help you get to the core issues.


Don’t rush to a quick solution. Take some time to think, to ponder, to pray, to imagine.  Sometimes our best advice or ideas come from taking some time to really think through different perspectives on a given issue.


If you still don’t feel that there’s an obvious connection to something you’re going through, find ANY connection that applies to you.  In this way, you engage in the conversation, you are able to put yourself in the other leaders shoes, and you can identify.  If there’s no application at all, then be a great listener and be an encourager.  

In a coaching group, it’s really important that one person doesn’t dominate the conversation.  This often happens.  A Coach needs to keep the conversation moving, and needs to move the center of attention among the members. This can be done by setting some time limits, by having an agenda or a plan, or by simply stopping the conversation when it needs to be stopped.

If a Coaching Group is functioning well, the conversation will get back to you.  Be patient, but also, be sensitive to others in your circle.

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