Coaching Group #4: CONSISTENCY

We’re talking about Coaching Groups, and we’ve talked about 3 things:




We’re talking about the benefits of bringing other leaders together to connect, to coach, to encourage and to grow.  There are so many benefits that come from this kind of group:

– Leaders don’t feel like they’re alone

– Leaders are able to share things they are struggling with and they can get real help

– Leaders are able to learn from the mistakes and the victories of other leaders

– Leaders learn to process together and with this comes accountability and relationship

– Leaders are able to receive direction, help and input from the Coach and from the others in the group

Remember:  You don’t have to lead alone. Find some people to journey with. You’ll become a better leader!

Today I want to talk about CONSISTENCY.

When you think of your Coaching Group, I want to encourage you:

#1)  Set a time that works for everyone in the group.  Realize that everyone will need to make priorities and they’ll need to make adjustments to make this work.  Anything that has any value takes an effort.  Challenge them to prioritize this Coaching Group time each week, month or quarter.

#2)  When someone misses the time, ask them why they weren’t there.  Challenge them to adjust their plans so they can attend.  When you begin, ask each person to commit to making this a priority.  Trust and Coaching is hard to develop when people are coming in and out.  As a group, hold each other accountable.

#3)  Set your dates together and communicate them early.  Try to lay out your meeting times at least 6 months in advance so people can work to protect the dates.

#4) As the Leader of the Coaching Group, you need to model consistency.  Make this group a priority.  Take the time to remind people to come, follow-up with people when they miss, remind them of the value.

#5)  Realize that sometimes things just come up.  It’s not the end of the world.  You can see the difference between someone who is making an excuse, and someone who has a genuine conflict.  Give grace when needed.  Help them remain engaged to the group if they have to miss.

#6)  If someone is chronically absent, after a determined time, thank them for their interest and ask them to not attend.  Someone coming in and out consistently will affect the group in a negative way.  It’s better to stick with those that can be committed.

consistency is important.  To see the real benefits of a Coaching Group, you have to give it a chance to succeed!

Make this a priority!





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