Coaching Group #5: AVAILABILITY

We’ve been talking about Coaching Groups, and we’ve talked about 4 things:





I want to add another one today:  AVAILABILITY.

When I have the opportunity to talk with someone who is interested in coaching, one of the questions they always ask is this:  “What exactly am I supposed to do?”

Many people believe that there can be a set formula or curriculum to leadership coaching.  While I believe there are some great tools to assist you in the conversation, I believe the BEST thing you can provide as a Coach is to simply be AVAILABLE.  Being available doesn’t mean that you drop everything else that you’re doing, but it does mean that when you are engaged in Coaching, that you are willing and able to go where it takes you, and often this is away from any set curriculum or planned resources.

I believe the most effective coaching happens when you share life, when you’re able to have honest, spontaneous conversations around a variety of topics, and many times you might think that this has nothing to do with leadership.  EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED TO LEADERSHIP!

As a Coach, be available to:

* Share your life.  The good times, the tough times, the lessons learned.

* Share your story.  The journey you are currently on, realizing that you haven’t arrived!

* Share your strengths & weaknesses.  We rely on both in leadership, share how you have managed.

* Share your failures.  The greatest lessons come from these normal experiences.

* Share your hope.  What has grounded you and why do you get out of bed in the morning?

* Share your dreams.  What impact do you still want to make?

Be AVAILABLE to venture into areas of coaching that might make you feel uncomfortable.  I promise you, the best lessons come when you engage at this level.



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