Listening and Asking

Here are 10 Coaching Principles about “Listening and Asking”.  This from Tony Stoltzfus‘ book, “Leadership Coaching” ©2005   Really good thoughts!

#1.   Ask, don’t tell.

#2   Collect more data before making a conclusion.

#3   People have a good reason for what they do.

#4   The See/Say Principle:  just because I see something doesn’t mean I’m supposed to say it.

#5   It doesn’t make any difference what you see; the only thing that makes any difference is what the client sees.

#6  Don’t try to diagnose a problem the client has lived with for 30 years in 30 seconds.

#7   Listening and asking questions are the disciplines of believing in people.

#8.  Follow your curiosity, not your diagnosis.

#9.  Your intuition doesn’t tell you there’s a problem; it shows you where to ask.

#10.  Turn off the conversation in your head.

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