Coaching & Mentoring

There are some simple differences between a COACH and a MENTOR.  Here are some things that may differentiate the 2:

A COACH Focuses on:

–    Tasks and practical goals

–    Helping you deal with specific issues or situations

–    Telling you what you need to do in order to handle something

–    Instructing from a position of authority or leadership

–    Measures success by outcomes and reaching desired goals


A MENTOR Focuses on:

–    Providing a variety of resources, helps and tools to assist in growth

–    Offers advice, insight and suggestion, but leaves the choice to you.

–    Focuses on your growth & development as a person, not so much on what you are able to do and accomplish.

–    Asks lot’s of questions what your goals, desires and who you want to be.

–     Comes from a posture of evaluation, affirming the process and engaging in the journey with you.


Both a mentor and a coach are important to each of us, but they each share different roles in our growth and development.

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