The Power of Influence

How do I use the influence I have?

1.  Identify your sphere of influence.  Who is in a position to watch your life?

2. Be aware that any of them could be watching you, listening to you, doing things the way you do them.

3. Accept the fact that you could be influencing them, and determine to be a positive influence.

4.  Now, make it a lifestyle to do the right thing at the right time in the right way…all the time!


Thoughts from Jeremie Kubicek’s book, “Leadership is Dead“:

•”Leadership is dead because too many leaders have abused their positions, lost their moral compass, abandoned long-term responsibility, and sold out for short-term gains and skyrocketing salaries.”

•Influence is based on trust.  People do not follow those who are out only to advance their own interests.”

•It is nearly impossible to trust someone who thinks first and foremost about himself.”

•To have influence, you have to reach beyond your walls and give yourself for the benefit of others.”


“Influence requires commitment, the sacrifice of time, energy and effort.  It means reaching out and giving of yourself.  Where you invest your influence, you invest your life.  It means establishing relationships that exced the business or personal opportunity, for the other person’s benefit, without focusing on your own needs.  It’s a learned skill that brings real rewards.  Opportunities are important, but they come more readily to those who put others first.”

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