What Does a Mentor Do?

A mentor has basically 5 roles:

#1)  A Mentor is Available

A mentor takes time to meet together, to be intentional and to share life.

#2)  A Mentor is a Guide

A mentor helps to guide someone through the maze of leadership.  Their experience gives them insight and they are able to provide leadership and advice.

#3)  A Mentor is a Model

A mentor is willing to model every area of their life. They are willing to be an open book and are willing to share their life.

#4)  A Mentor is an Encourager

A mentor encourages, builds up, affirms and supports.

#5)  A Mentor Cares

A mentor cares about this process and cares about the person they are mentoring.  This is much deeper than a simple friendship.  There is a deeper level of connection and commitment.

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