Top 5 Reasons to Coach and Be Coached

In Tony Stoltzfus’ book, “Leadership Coaching” (©2005 Tony Stoltzfus) , he shares 5 reasons to coach or be coached.  They speak for themselves.

1.  Experience More Transformation.  Make radical changes in your own life and see more lasting change in others.

2. Grow Faster/Get More Done.  Accelerate change and accomplish more without overload.

3. Unleash People.  Stop creating dependence and free up your time by empowering others to take action.

4. Develop Leaders.  Invest more effectively and efficiently in leaders around you to multiply your impact.

5.  Improve Interpersonal Skills.  Learn great tools for building deep relationships and having extraordinary conversations.

Every one of us should be involved in coaching.  It’s a good thing!

Russ Cline/2013

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