Communicating With Your Team

10 Simple Ways To Communicate With Your Team:

#1)  Share Your Passion

     Let your team know what drives you.  Share what gets you out of bed in the morning.

#2)  Share Your Story:  Be Vulnerable

     Let your team know where you come from and why you lead the way you lead.

#3)  Articulate The Vision

     Remind your team what the vision of your organization is.  Do this often!

#4)  Invite Participation

     Let your team members get involved in the vision.  Allow them to play a part.

#5)  Spend Time Together

     Time builds trust.  Spend time in the work environment and outside the work world.

#6) Listen To Your Team

     Listen, and let them know you’re listening.  They have great input and ideas!

#7)  Be Free With Praise and Affirmation

     Publicly affirm your team members.  Be generous with praise.

#8)  Be Honest

     Don’t stretch the truth.  Tell them what you think.

#9) Meet Regularly

     Use regular meetings to move towards your vision.  Make the meetings count.

#10) Be Prepared

     Do your job as the leader.  Be ready for meetings, appointments, conversations. Know your business.



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