COMMUNITY: What Keeps Us From Developing It?

We’re talking about the value of COMMUNITY but some of you don’t have this, so you’re missing out!

I go through seasons in life of experiencing great friendships, and I go through seasons of loneliness. The reality is that most people will never know when I’m engaged and when I’m feeling lonely because I’ve learned to hide it. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the work!

Here’s the reality: We sabotage our community from time to time, and sometimes we allow it to simply go away!

Why would we sabotage our community?

  1. We Need Some Space: The reality is the Community can be overwhelming at times. We might just need some space, so we step back from time to time.
  2. We’ve Been Hurt: When your Community or someone in your Community breaks your trust or disappoints you, we want to run.
  3. We’re Bored: All Communities and relationships get in a rut. If we aren’t actively bring “life” to them, then there’s a risk of us falling into monotony.
  4. We’re Hiding Something: When we’re not healthy, the last place we want to be is with a bunch of people who care about you. We want to isolate. Stress, Sin, Burnout all weigh into this. Figure out why you want to run!

It’s one thing to sabotage our community. Some of us never get that close for these reasons:

  1. We’re Too  Busy: We don’t have time for people or to invest in relationships.
  2. We’re Focused On Work: Sometimes we allow our world to revolve around work. When that happens, outside influences don’t carry much value.
  3. We’re Never Home: We’re running, we’re traveling, we’re focused on ourselves. We’re just not present!
  4. We Don’t Think We Need People: We’re self-sufficient and self-reliant. We don’t need other people in our lives.
  5. We Don’t Know How: We really don’t know how to develop and how to maintain healthy relationships so we avoid it.

I don’t know if you resonate with any of these things above.

All I know is that it takes work to develop and maintain the relationships of a healthy personal community.

Don’t get stuck in the bad habit of being critical and of isolating yourself from others.

We truly do NEED one another!


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