5 Things Failure Teaches You About Leadership

canstock5740521We’ve all failed at something.

I remember taking accordion lessons at an early age, and I could never make it work, or sound good. I quit! I wonder what my life would be today had I kept practicing!

I remember playing tackle American football when I was 10 years old. I quit because it was too hot and I didn’t like to spend my summer in practice.  I wonder if…..

I played tennis as a kid with those old-school head raquets, and was pretty good. I gave that up to play football. We know how that story ended…

We all fail at something. We quit, we don’t meet our goals, we let people down, we get bored, we change direction, we get in over our heads, we get tired. We fail.

In the midst of failure, there are lessons to learn. We can either beat ourselves up or we can move on.

Glenn Llopis writes in Forbes.com about 5 things Failure Teaches You About Leadership:

#1) Confront Your Failure and Learn From It

“Instead of running away from or masking the failure you experienced, take the time to reflect upon the situation. Confront the issue head-on and evaluate what you could have done better and identify lessons learned.” (Llopis)

#2) Build Your Team and Make The Business Better

Out of failure, learn and make the changes needed to succeed. “Failure teaches you about who you can trust and depend upon. It gives you real perspective about who really has your back.” (Llopis)

#3) Trust Your Gut and Make More Decisions

“Allow failure to make your stronger and wiser. With this attitude you must become fearless when embarking upon new ventures.” (Llopis)

#4) Second Chances Are All Around You

“Failure is not fatal. It’s a wake-up call for the next opportunity” (Llopis)

#5) Appreciate Your Leadership Responsibilities

“Failure has always opened my eyes to appreciate my responsibilities as a leader.” (Llopis)

Thomas A. Edison so eloquently said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work!”

Learn from your failures. Get over it and move on!

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