In a recent article by Issie Lapowsky in the April 2013 edition of Inc. Magazine, we’re challenged to “Focus on what matters”.

The article states:  “Self-control is critical to productivity at work.  It keeps you from zoning out, losing your cool, and giving up easily.”

Lapowsky goes on to say that “self-control is about competition between immediate and delayed gratification.  If you’re tempted to take a shortcut instead of a principled decision, reminding yourself of your mission statement or anything that reorients you to the long-term should help you make the right choice.”

Often we look for ways to get things done quickly.  We multitask.  We take shortcuts.  We forget the purpose, and look for the “easy finish”.

Learn to focus.

Remember your purpose.  Remember the projects outcomes.  Remember the “why”.

There are many ways to focus better:

– Eliminate clutter in your workspace

– Turn off your phone, email, internet while working on a project

– Don’t try to do more than one thing at a time.  Work on just one thing.

– Find some time to think before diving in.  Prepare your mind.

– When you get distracted, get back to focus.  Don’t allow the distraction to win.

When you’re able to focus on something, it’s better.  Don’t look for the easy way out.


Here’s some great help:  Strategic Planning in 7 Steps


Russ Cline/2013

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