Twelve Tips for Fundraising Success shares 12 tips for fundraising. Here they are:

#1) Start early

Don’t procrastinate. Start now.

#2) Set a challenging but attainable goal

Make sure your goal is realistic.

#3) Contact everyone you know

Start with your personal contacts first then expand your network.

#4) Customize your emails

Share your personal side in your emails.

#5) Create an email schedule and stick to it

Create and follow a schedule.

#6) Ask, ask, and ask again

People will only give if you give them the opportunity. Ask.

#7) Customize your personal fundraising webpage

Share why you’re raising money. Be personal.

#8) Add social media to the mix

Use every form possible.

#9) Get creative

Think outside the box.

#10) Join a team

Find others to help you.

#11) Stay focused

Remind yourself why you’re doing this. 

#12) Send a personalized thank you

Thank those that participate with you!

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