15 Ways to Use a Cell Phone to Manage Time

We all carry around cell phones with us, and all of our cells have a timer on them. These are some great opportunities to use that timer to help you save and manage your time better.

  • To limit your shower time. The timer could be set to 3 minutes.
  • To make a call. “I´ll make it in 20 minutes.”
  • To reminder you to call them back if you couldn´t leave a message, or you don´t want to be interrupted with a phone call back from them.
  • To limit a phone call conversation that has a tendency to take too long (maybe set the timer for 3 minutes).
  • To start something. If you like to procrastinate, set your timer for 10 minutes, then once it goes off promise to work hard and long until it is done.
  • To start exercising. “I´ll get to it in 15 minutes”. Then once you start exercising – “I´ll exercise for 20 minutes.”
  • To motivate you to clean up your desk or office. Then once you start sorting, set the alarm for only 10 minutes to spend on it.
  • To “beat the clock” to get the chores done around the house: “I´ll bet I can clean the car in less than 15 minutes.”
  • To set aside blocks of time. Set an alarm so that you only use 15 minutes to get your fantasy football team.
  • To remind you to turn off the stove or sprinkler.
  • To remind you when it is time to do something (TV special, or upcoming meeting with someone).
  • To monitor the time in a discussion at work. Each of us will get 2 minutes to give our opinions.
  • To free you of worry and watching the clock. If you come home and have to leave in 30 minutes again, set the alarm so that you are not watching the clock every minute.
  • To monitor your kids sharing time. “Johnny, you will play with the truck 2 minutes and then we will give it to Mark.”
  • To give time to your kids. “Sarah, in 3 minutes I will play cards with you, but first I have to finish cooking.” Set the alarm for 3 minutes.

If we can use the timer, we can save time and we can be more effective at getting things done.

Ideas from Organize Yourself by Ronni Eislenberg with Kate Kelley Chapter 7 called – How to use a kitchen timer to manage time.

Submitted by Rich Brown/2016


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