Managing Your To-Do List

Your “TO-DO LIST” is an important part of your life.  Some people don’t use this because it’s overwhelming, however if you can learn how to work this, it will help you to “Get Things Done”.

There are 3 simple principles in creating an effective list:

#1)  Make a list of EVERYTHING that you need to do.  Just write down whatever comes to your mind.  Focus on things that have a targeted completion date.

#2)  Walk through your list and eliminate anything that you can.  Eliminate by delegating items to other people, by determining that it’s not important and by simply deciding that you’re not going to do it.

#3)  Prioritize your list, and put them in order based on importance and urgency.  Start with the things that are most urgent or most important.  Remember to think through Covey’s Quadrant II Model.

The TO-DO LIST works best when it’s a part of your everyday work habits.  Keep it in front of you, keep it dynamic by checking things off and adding new things, and keep it limited to the things that you need to be focusing on.

Try this for a few weeks and see how it works.  It will take some time to figure out what works best for you.

Don’t get hung-up on what application to use.  Find the easiest and simplest form.

Here’s a link from LIFEHACKER that shares 5 Best To-Do List Managers.

Personally, I use the IOS Reminders App that links my computer, iPad and Phone together, so my list is always updated and always with me.  Reminders allows you to prioritize items and link them to your calendar by category.  It’s simple and really easy to use.

I also combine my personal to-do list with my work to-do list. This has taken time to adjust to, but this works for me.  Figure out what works for you!

Try this!  You’ll be more productive!


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