Rules for Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a great way to generate ideas around a given topic, and a great way to involve team members in the process of thinking through a problem or idea.

Before you begin, you need to define the rules of brainstorming, and as the leader, you need to ensure that these rules are held up.

5 Rules:

•THERE ARE NO DUMB IDEAS.  This is the idea behind brainstorming. Anything goes.  This keeps it fun, spontaneous and a little wild.

DON’T CRITICIZE OTHER PEOPLE’S IDEAS. This isn’t a debate, a discussion or an open forum. This is a place for everyone to contribute.  Don’t criticize.

•BUILD ON OTHER PEOPLE’S IDEAS.  Sometimes one idea can trigger other ideas.  Encourage this.  Tweek ideas, change them, adjust them, see what sticks and what doesn’t.

•REVERSE THE THOUGHT OF QUALITY OVER QUANTITY:   In brainstorming, you want quantity.  The more ideas, the better. Challenge people to a targeted number of ideas in a given period of time.

•WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN.  Take the time to write everything down. Sometimes ideas grow after you have some time to think about them.


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