Taking a Nap

Some people don´t get things done because they are too tired. I heard a guy the other day say, “I just can´t seem to get around to doing anything. I have piles over here, and piles over there. I just can´t seem to get things done.”

One of the reasons we don´t get things done is because we are so tired. Have you ever been sitting and watching TV and thought, “I really should go answer that email”? Or, “I really need to mow the lawn.” And then the only mowing you do is through the list of channels on your Direct TV box? When we are lazy we get tired. When we get tired we don´t get things done.

It is important not to be lazy to be able to get things done. But I want to talk about taking a nap to get things done. Find that time in the day when you are the most tired and take 15 to 20 minutes to lay down and get re-energized. Some of you are thinking, if I lay down I may not get up until the next day. This is proof that you need more rest. Sleep well at night and then take a good, healthy nap.

The amount of time for each person will vary. Some people can rest for 15 minutes and they are done. These are called power naps or cat naps. They will give you the strength not only to make it through the day but to get more things done. You will have more energy.

For me, I need a good healthy hour of nap every day. I get into bed, make the room dark, set my alarm for one hour, and then sleep deep. When I wake up, sometimes I´m a little groggy at first, but then once I get up I have renewed energy. I usually do this after lunch and can work until late into the night.

Now I know that many of us have offices and can´t just lay down in a bed for an hour. My suggestion is to find a comfortable couch and sleep at least 20 minutes with the lights out.

Try it and see if this might be right for you. It has helped me multiply the things I get done every day.

Rich Brown/2016


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