The Six Things Every Leader Should Think About Before the New Year

I get notes at the end of each year from different people that gives me some suggestions as to how to finish my year strong and well.  This note was from Bruce Bruinsma, the CEO at Envoy Financial.  It may be something you also need to think about:

The Six Things Every Leader Should Think About Before the New Year

  2. A Vision to Follow
  3. Someone  you are  following
  4. A Plan to Implement
  5. A system to monitor your progress
  6. Encouragement

Who are they? Are they “on board”? Did I lose any of them? Why? How will I connect with them on a “go forward” basis? Are there any that I either need to get off the train, or to put in another seat on the train?

A Vision to Follow
Is my vision still relevant? Is it worth following? How can I describe it better? In a clearer or more challenging way? Can my followers still connect with the vision? Does it energize them?

Someone Else to Follow
Am I connected to others who can monitor and encourage me? Someone who gives me unbiased personal feedback? Identified others worth modeling? Am I accountable? and to who? How open am I to “constructive input”? Am I still flexible and willing to change? (regardless of age)

A Plan to Implement
Do I really have a plan, or just a vision without a clear way to implement it? Are my followers clear about the plan? Their role in the plan? and the way it will benefit them when accomplished?

A System to Measure Your Progress
Do I have a “dashboard” of critical variables that I review regularly? Metrics that indicate results? Measurements that highlight the variables that cause growth, or progress towards the vision? A way to keep the vision in front of you, rather than seen through the rear view mirror?

It is critical to both be encouraged and to encourage your staff or followers? What is keeping you energized and moving towards the vision, towards the goal? What is keeping your staff, followers, energized and moving toward the vision, towards the goal?

Submitted by Ron Cline/2016

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