5 Reminders to Easy Social Media Marketing

The reality is that Social Media is here and it is a great way for organizations to connect with people and keep people informed of what’s going on.  Social Media makes global marketing possible for every organization, no matter what the size, you can get an expert marketing opinion at https://www.salesforce.com/products/guide/lead-gen/scoring-and-grading/

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Lena L. West with Influence Expansion Academy shares that there are basically 2 camps of people:

1 – Those that tweet and post updates constantly.

2 – Those who think it’s too complicated and never latch on.

West goes on to share 5 simple reminders about using Social Media to expand your reach:

#1)  Keep It Simple

You don’t have to engage with every social media site, you can engage in amazon but you have to learn how to sell on amazon first.  Choose two or three that you feel will give you the biggest return, and engage.

#2)  Set a Schedule

You don’t need to spend hours a day on social media.  Invest a few hours a week, and you can still get great results.  Schedule it and make it a part of your day and if you don’t have time, get help from an Instagram Marketing Service.

#3)  Find Tools to Work Smarter

There are some great tools to help you with monitoring and management such as Hootsuite or Buffer.  Research different tools and use the capabilities to make the process simpler.

#4)  Integrate with What You’re Already Using

Identify things that you’re already doing that can connect to Social Media, or that you can use as resources.  You don’t have to double your efforts.  Remember: simplify

#5)  Monitor Brand Mentions

As you engage in Social Media, you need to track when people are talking about you and your organization.  Use a monitoring tool to track any mentions of you, and then target those people with more information.

West goes on to say that it will take months to really ramp up your followers and attract engagement, but you need to simply take it one day at a time.  It will be well worth the effort.

Submitted by Russ/2013

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