Prioritize Your Goals

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.”   H.L. Hunt

Scott Dinsmore shares on the site, how Warren Buffett prioritizes his goals.

Scott shares:

“Dreams become reality as a result of three components:

1. Knowing what you want

2. Learning the tools to get you there

3. Having the insane focus to combine the two”


Buffett then shares his “5-Step Process for Prioritizing Success”

1. Know What You Want – List your top 25

Take a minute and write down anything that comes to mind that might be important to you that isn’t currently a part of your life.

2. Pick Your Top 5

Circle your top 5, the ones that seem to be most important to you.

3. Make Your Top 5 Plan

Write down some simple steps for each of the 5, helping you to get started. Include people who can help, resources you can use, where to start.

4. Marry Your Priorities

Spend time on these 5. Don’t lose focus, and don’t keep returning to the other 20. Stick with these 5 and move on them.

5. Know  Your “Avoid at all Cost List” and Stick To It

Don’t get distracted by things that take you away from your priorities. Stay focused!


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