On Being a Weak Leader

To you young emerging leaders, the full article posted by Ron Edmondson on the “7 Signs of a Weak Leader” is really good. Read the full article HERE.

I’ll summarize:

#1) Runs from Conflict

They avoid it an any cost. They usually say what you want to hear. They are passive-aggressive. They cave to the loudest voices. They disappear when trouble develops.

#2) Hides all  Flaws

They often pretend to know it all. They don’t want you to know the “real” them.

#3) Can’t Accept Criticism

They don’t take well to correction. They pout. Get angry, perhaps – may even seek revenge.

#4) Quick to Pass Blame

They can never admit a personal mistake.  They are consummate fault-finders. It’s always someone else’s error.

#5) Leads by Control.

They want you to believe they’ve “got this”. They don’t, but it feels better to them than the alternative. They keep people under their authority, never empower and seldom delegate, because they are afraid of losing their power position.

#6) Shies Away from Difficult Decisions

They can’t make the hard calls. they can’t lead in a new direction because the opposition will be too strong for them.

#7) Appeases Critics and Complainers.

The louder you are the more likely a weak leader will cave to your demands. They don’t want you to be unhappy – especially with them.

How are you doing with this list?

Have you ever worked with someone that displays any or all of these things? How did it make you feel? Was it easy to identify?

Now, do you do any of these things? Do you want to be a strong leader? If so, STOP.


Submitted by Russ  6/16

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