On Being a Bad Influence

I found an article by “princesswithapen” that lists 10 types of people you want to avoid. These are people that can be “negative influences” on you.

It has made me think about people in my life and evaluate.

This list is good for me and you, but it’s also a great conversation starter with your kids or with young people you’re working with.

The article simply says, “Stay Away From These Kinds of People”:

#1) People who make fun of you and everything you do

#2) People who bully you or dominate over you

#3) People who take you for granted

#4) People who are always complaining about something

#5) People who have broken your heart

#6) People who have lied to you, betrayed you or cheated you

#7) People who find faults in you all the time

#8) People who constantly try to change you

#9) People who you can’t trust

#10) People who have given you bad memories


Are there people in your life that are ‘BAD INFLUENCES’ on you?

Surround yourself with people that build you up, who build trust and who what the best for you.



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