On being a Leader


Nicole Unice recently completed one year in a leadership position and say’s she’s learned the following five things about Leadership:

1.  If it was easy, it wouldn’t be leadership.  Decisions require discernment and God’s guidance.


2.  When you make hard decisions, expect insecurity.  Learn to ignore the negative internal dialogue as part of growth as a leader.


3.  Trust your instincts, but moderate your actions.  Instinct is usually right, but I must remain humble and discerning.


4.  Methods may change, but people stay the same.  Anything I do must be balanced with a desire to cultivate good judgment and listen well to senior leaders.


5.  No leader operates alone.  Leadership has brought me to a place of rich interdependence within my community.


I wish I had know these five things when I started.  It’s a great observation!

Proverbs 4:5  “Get wisdom; develop good judgment.”


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