On Being Mentored

Being mentored is an incredible privilege.  This simply means that someone wants to invest their time, energy and influence into helping you to grow into the best leader possible.  If you are being mentored by someone that cares about you, be very thankful!

Here are a couple of things to remember:

1)  Learn to Listen

Spend more time listening than talking.  You can learn a lot from someone with broader experience than you have.  Listen and allow your mentor to speak into your life.

2)  Learn to Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions.  No question is off limits.  Build a foundation of trust with your mentor, and take advantage of their desire to invest in you.  Ask them the questions about issues you are dealing with.

3)  Make this Relationship a Priority

Spend as much time as you can with your mentor.  Listen.  Learn. Watch.  Make this a part of your life and don’t allow other things to come in the way.

4)  Be Real

Share your real struggles, your real issues, your real questions and your real concerns.  Don’t waste time by trying to have it all together.  Learn to be honest and you’ll learn so much more!

5)  Be Thankful

Be sure to thank your mentor for their investment in your life.  Many people would like to be mentored, but they don’t have the opportunity.  Thank them and show them your appreciation.  This is a significant relationship in your life.

6)  Do Likewise

In the same way you are being mentored, look for someone that you can invest in and mentor.  Don’t keep it all to yourself.  Pour into someone else’s life.

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