On Being Transparent

In John 8:31 – 32 Jesus tells us, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (ESV)

Powerful words from Jesus to a bunch of people who are afraid of the truth, afraid of what others will think and afraid of taking a risk.

There are basically 3 reasons we don’t like to be transparent, meaning, we don’t want to be our “real” selves:

#1)  We’re afraid of losing CONTROL

If you truly want to be “transparent”, then you have to take some risk.  We don’t like this.  We like to be in control, we like to be safe, we like to know where we’re going and what it will look like.

#2)  We’re afraid of being EMBARRASSED

We don’t like people to laugh at us and to make fun of us.  We would rather hide those things that might be embarrassing.

#3)  We’re afraid of being LOOKED DOWN AT

We play the comparison game, and we don’t want to be put down because of a weakness we have, because of a fear we have or because of something we are lacking.  We want to be strong!

But, if you look at Jesus’ words again, He shares that when you abide in that “truth”, then you will experience “freedom”.

This is so true and we’ve experienced it:  When we are vulnerable and transparent, that’s where we learn that:

#1)  With vulnerability & transparency comes POWER

We’re not hiding anymore.  We’re not afraid.

#2)  With vulnerability & transparency comes COMFORT

We realize that everyone has issues, some are just better at hiding them than others.

#3)  With vulnerability & transparency comes CONFIDENCE

We look at those areas that need help in our life and we work on them, we address them, we focus.  This begins the process of healing and gives us the confidence to move forward!

We need to be more transparent!

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