On Building Trust

Trust is the foundation of any and all relationships. Many times we think that trust has more to do with our personal relationships than our professional relationships.  i want to tell you that building trust with your team is critical.

Three things to remember when building trust:

1)  Building Trust Takes Time

Don’t believe that building trust happens quickly.  You may be able to take some quick steps forward, but building real trust takes time. You have to build relationship, you have to practice, you have to take baby steps, you have to learn to be honest.  This all takes time.  When you have the opportunity to build trust away from your office or workplace, it’s often built quicker.  Be intentional about this.  Create ways to deepen your levels of trust with those you work with.

2)  Building Trust Requires Vulnerability

You can’t build trust if you’re not willing to be honest.  Everyone, including the leader, need to get in the habit of speaking honestly, of sharing your real feelings, of sharing your concerns, of addressing conflict and of learning to create a safe environment where all of this can take place.  Get past your fear and be open.  The best way for a leader to build trust with their team is to be vulnerable.

3)  Trust Must Be Maintained

Trust in your team is constantly being broken down, being challenged and being rebuilt. Every time you add a new team member to the group, things change.  Trust isn’t something you build and then sit back and ignore. It’s always at the front of your mind.  It takes work, over and over again.


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