On Coaching Others

This is for Younger Leaders or “New Leaders:

Jack Welch said once, “In the future, people who are not coaches will not be promoted.”

He’s right!  A large part of your role in leadership involves your ability AND your desire to coach others.

Coaching isn’t something that can be forced.  Many times we are so busy trying to keep our heads above water and get the things done we need to do to survive that we can’t even think about coaching others.

I want to encourage each of you “Younger Leaders”:

You need to begin NOW investing in other people.  You may not think you have a lot to offer, but you do.  There is always someone around you that needs some of your time and help.  If you can learn now to coach others, as you grow in your leadership and experience, this will be a solid part of what you are able to do and provide for others in the future.   Don’t wait  until you’re older, start now.

Here are some ways you can actively “coach” others today:

•Look for someone new in your organization, school, church or group.  Show an interest in them. They may not need “coaching”, but they might be interested in some “mutual coaching”.  Learn together. Look for some opportunities to stretch yourselves.

•Ask your boss or leader if there’s someone who you could help or assist in any area.  Make yourself available.

•You may not be able to coach within your organization as a young leader, so look into the community.  Are their sports teams, children’s programs, church opportunities, non-profits to volunteer in.  Open your eyes to the opportunities around you and take them.

•Be sure that you’re in a coaching relationship, someone pouring into you and walking with you. This will make you more aware of the kinds of things you can help others with.

Look for opportunities. Don’t wait for them to come to you.

Everyone can Coach! 


Russ Cline/2013

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