On Finding Balance

Jim Burns shares that there are basically 2 reasons why leaders quit:

#1)  They have no idea what to do

#2)  They burn out, they try to do too much.

Do you want to be a statistic?  Do you want to quit or burn out?

Balance will help you last.

Here are three realities of balance:

1)  Balance begins everyday with a personal decision

The choice is yours and you must make it everyday.  You can either choose to live your life seeking balance in all areas, or you choose to ignore key areas.  No one can force you to live your life this way, so it all comes down to your decision, everyday.  Balance begins with this important decision.

2)  Balance works only with continual evaluation

It’s easy to get “out of balance”, so you have to create a system to continually evaluate where you’re at. Find time to think and process, find time to stop and observe.  Create some markers so you can tell when you’re off track.  Find some people that will journey with you and speak into your life, people you trust and respect.  Do get so busy that you quit evaluating.  You may not catch it on time, then you’re in crisis.  Balance requires attention.

3)  To find balance, you need a plan

Balance doesn’t just happen.  After you identify your need, come up with a plan.  Write some goals (smart goals), develop accountability, do what you need to do.  Focus on it.  Nurture it.  Make changes.  Address areas of concern.  See the difference.  Balance needs to be intentional.


In Zig Ziglars “Wheel of Life” he talks about 7 areas of your life.  Each of these need your attention:

1.  Your Finances

2.  Your Spiritual Life

3.  Your Physical Life

4.  Your Intellectual Life

5.  Your Family Life

6.  Your Social Life

7.  Your Career


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