On Living in the Noise

We live in a world that is noisy.  Everywhere we go there’s noise:  at home, in our cars, at school, at work and even with our friends.  There is noise that is competing for our attention at all times.

Here are 5 tips to help you to live “in the noise”:

#1)  Find Some Silence

In a noisy world, we have to find some places where it’s quiet.  Find a personal place that is filled with silence:  a long walk at the beach, a drive without the stereo on, the stillness of your home…. whatever it is, find a place where you can think clearly, where you can listen to yourself and where you can process.  Once you find that place, visit it often!

#2)  Tune In

With all the noise around you, try to figure out what and who you should be listening to.  Tune into them.  Allow certain people to speak into your life, and listen to them.  Figure out what you need, and look for it.  Don’t just listen to everything around you.

#3)  Listen To Your Heart

We spend so much time listening to others that we don’t listen to ourselves. What is your “heart” telling you?  What is your “gut” telling you?  What is God telling you?  Listen to what your thinking about, to what you’re processing, to what’s going on inside of you.  Trust your instincts and your judgement.

#4)  Don’t Follow the Crowd

Followers just listen to whatever they can find.  Don’t listen to what others are listening to just because it’s easy.  Be your own person.  Determine your own path.  Set your own goals.  Don’t let the noise crowd all of that out.

#5)  Be Willing to Make the Changes Necessary to Survive

When it’s just so noisy that you can’t survive, make some changes.  Change is difficult, but not impossible.  Be willing to make tough decisions with your own best interest in mind.  Sometimes you have to be radical to get rid of the wrong noise in your life.  Change!

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