On Playing Games

If you want to learn to lead confidently, learn to WIN at these games:

#1)  The COMPARISON Game

We spend our lives looking at other people, and we don’t think we measure up.  We look at their abilities, and we compare it to ourselves and we knock ourselves down.

•You can’t spend your life comparing yourself to others.  There will always be other people who are better than you in certain things.  When we get caught in this trap, we aren’t able to see the things that we bring to the table.  Learn to appreciate what others have and what they can do, but don’t get stuck in the vicious cycle of comparing yourself to them.

#2)  The JEALOUSY Game

We look at others, we see where they are positioned, and we want that.  We spend our energy trying to get what they have instead of fulfilling the call God has given to us.

•Don’t try to live other people’s lives.  Be YOU.  Use what you have, and make your own path.  Don’t let bitterness sneak into your life.  It will dominate your time and energy, and it will suck the joy out of all that you are doing!

#3)  The CRITICAL Game

We are so critical of ourselves.  We spend most of our time looking at our shortcomings and talking about the things we “can’t” do, instead of looking at the things we “can” do.

•Don’t be so critical.  Look for the positive and focus on it.   Look for strength instead of weakness.  A critical attitude leads to each of these other “games”, especially failure.  Don’t beat yourself up… instead celebrate!

#4)  The FAILURE Game

We are so afraid of failure that it paralyzes us and keeps us from ever trying things that might be a little risky.  Don’t let fear immobilize you.

•Failure is a part of leadership and it’s a part of life.  There will always be things you will fail in, and this is normal.  Learn from the experience and move forward.  Don’t plan for failure, but don’t be surprised by it either.  We learn the most from failure.

Don’t let any of these “games” derail you.

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