On Staying Focused

Here are 5 things you can do today to help you stay focused:

#1)  Create Goals and Pursue Them

This sounds like just common sense, but most people don’t write real goals.  “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” (Zig Zigler)  Create goals that work.  Create SMART Goals.  Go after them!

#2)  Stay in Alignment

This means that you stay focused on what you’ve determined you should be doing.  Look at your vision, look at your purpose.  Pursue these relentlessly.  When you are out of alignment, you’ll find yourself doing things that have nothing to do with where you want to go.  Distractions will always keep you busy!

#3)  Evaluate your Progress

Take time regularly to stop and ask yourself some important questions:  Am I doing what I thought I would be doing?  What do I need to change?  Is this helping me accomplish my goals?  Do I need to re-define where I’m going?  What’s keeping me from staying focused?  Evaluation will help fill you with energy to keep moving forward!

#4)  Take a Risk

Sometimes we just get bored.  Our goals are safe.  Our vision is small.  If you want to infuse your life with some excitement, create some larger and riskier goals!  Do you have a BHAG?  A Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  This will drive you and push you and you’ll be excited to focus on it.

#5)  Celebrate

Celebrate when  you accomplish what you set out to do.  Stop.  Look back and marvel at where you started.  Bring closure to the task you spent so much time focusing on.  Now, move along!

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