Move to Get Creative

Movement helps me think.

I developed 2 thanks to keep me moving and keep me thinking.

First, I put a stand-up desk in my office. I use a tall bar stool when I need to sit, but I’ve found that moving around in my office helps me think. I don’t sit too long and I keep moving. I’ll sit on the stool part of the day, and I’ll stand part of the day. Movement helps me think and keeps me fresh.

Second, I walk. Every 90 minutes, I head out of my office for a 5 – 7 minute walk. Sometimes I’ll make a call when I walk, other times I just think through an idea. Walking allows me to change my environment for a few minutes and it refreshes me.

I don’t know if there’s any science involved in these 2 things, but I’ve found that I’m able to focus better, I’m able to be more creative and engaged in the projects I’m working on, and I’m able to get some exercise as I move, walk and think.

What helps you in your creativity?


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