Habit #4) Be Thankful

Here’s a great habit (#4) to work on…BEING THANKFUL!  We don’t usually do this naturally, but it is something that every leader must be able to do as a reaction to events that happen around them every day, events that they perhaps take for granted.

A leader has to open their eyes and respond with thankfulness to those around him and to the things they do.  We can’t just expect people to deliver whatever to us, a report, news, a cup of coffee, even a suggestion. We need to thank them when they do.

                 – It will encourage your workers
                 – It will produce a spirit of unity and joy
                 – It will make you look less selfish
                 – It will make decisions easier
                 – It will contribute to peace in the work place

If you want to develop this habit, then for the next 21 days do the following:
  1. Find something positive to say about every one you speak with.  Notice what they wear.  Remember what you discussed yesterday.  Comment to how they did something which will tell them that you were watching.  Be positive and encourage them.
  2. Acknowledge everything someone else does, whether for you or in some other way.  If you see them do it, pick up trash, clean the counter, straighten the room, comment to it. 
  3. Do not complain about anything, just bite your tongue. You will probably see something that you don’t like.  Hold off commenting until you can do it by starting with something good first, something you are thankful for.  Something like, “They always do really great work. I’m really thankful for their help. I wonder what happened this time?”
  4.  Watch your ‘self-talk’, that mumbling voice inside your mind that may be unthankful and mocking your attempt at this habit.  When the voice comes and the mumbling starts, look for an opportunity to express thanks. That will start retraining your self-talk.
  5. Now, here’s the hardest one, yet the one which can become the most fun.  Express appreciation five times each day verbally. “I appreciate you because…”

Can I suggest that you practice these five things at home first?  I think that will help you have more success in the office.

Stick to this course for the next 21 days…have fun.  Make people around you wonder what in the world has happened to you.  Feel good about yourself.  Be contagious.  It’s a good habit to have.

Next habit to consider: #5 KEEPING THE BIG PICTURE

Ron Cline/2014

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