Habit #9) Evaluate and Dream

We have been talking about the need to develop and continue to work on crucial habits as a leader.  These habits are not natural.  They are brought about by desire and discipline.  They say it takes 21 days to develop or change a habit, so these habits are the result of a strong focus for at least 21 days.

Habit #9 is about developing the ability to be able to evaluate events, decisions, comments, ideas, communiqués, your life, your work, your family as you go…and, to dream.  It is the habit of not letting things go.  Not saying, “That will do!” It is the practice every good leader has to think about what has happened and decide how to proceed.

You can ignore it.

You can agree with it.

You can disagree with it.

You can improve it.

If you are the leader, these are your four options.  Just to complain won’t do anything.  So, if the decision is not what it should be, if the project doesn’t accomplish what you wanted…do something about it.

You can be subjective basing your evaluation totally on how you ‘feel’ about it, your personal opinion or point of view…not always the best way to make changes or decisions.

You can be objective. This is where your thinking or analysis is fact-based.  You can measure the results and observe the response. This is a little more cut-and-dried, but sometimes more effective.

But, you notice I have added the word ‘dream’ to this habit.  This is where your evaluation involves looking at something and dreaming about what it could be.  Always looking for improvement.  Always with questions like “What do I want it to look like when we are through?” or, “Is there any way to make it better?”

The leader needs to be asking this not only about his personal skills and life, but about his home life, and about his organization.  He needs to be asking these questions about his staff, about his leadership style, and about where his organization is going and how it is doing.

Constant evaluation is a vital, very personal, role of the good leader.  It’s something he does when he walks, when he lies down, when he gets up, when he has a moment to think.  He is never satisfied with status-quo.  He is always wanting things to be better.

Next we talk about the last habit we need to work on right now-#10-something that will make or break us!

Ron Cline/2014

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