Choose Your Team

We talk a lot about how to lead your team.  We don’t spend enough time talking about how to “CHOOSE” your team.

The reality is this:  If you CHOOSE the right team, they will be much easier to LEAD.  This goes hand in hand.

Here are a couple of things to look for when choosing a team member.  Start by asking them these questions:

1)  What is your track record?

What have they done up until now?  This is important.  Do they have proven success and influence?  They don’t have to come out of a major role, but it has to be something: Where have they volunteered?  What have they done at church? What was their past 3 jobs? How have they served?   Everyone has experience.  Look at it.

2)  What are your values?

What’s important to them?  Do they share your values?  Is there evidence of this in their life, in their experience, in their passion? Can you connect on these things?  This is important.  Don’t just look for someone with the ability to complete the task.  Look for someone with character and purpose.

3) Can we spend some time together?

Many times we make decisions about someone based on a resume and an interview.  Take some time to get to know them.  Invite them to spend a day with your team, get to know them outside the office.  This is important!  When you build a team you’re not just look for people to fill roles, you want people who you like, people who you enjoy spending time with.  Don’t rush into decisions too quickly.  Taking some extra time will always pay off.

4) How is your ego?

Pretty direct question.  When you are building a team, you want people who can work together, people that can get the best out of each other, and people who aren’t paralyzed when their ego gets damaged.  Look for people who are confident, but don’t push their own agenda at the expense of others.  Humility is a great quality to look for.  Your team will benefit from someone who wants to serve first.

 5) Do you connect with the vision?

They can have all the values, experience, passion and desire to join you and still not buy into your vision.  You want people who come to you so they can contribute to your vision and help you strategically to move closer to that vision.  Be cautious of people who come to you and in the process of joining your team, they share their own vision and their own desire to fulfill their vision.  This is a warning flag.  Don’t get me wrong… you want people who can dream and lead, but when someone is joining your team, you want them to connect with your vision first.  You need your team to be 100% committed and connected with your vision and the vision of the organization.

If you are the leader, in most cases, you will have the opportunity to build your team.  Take this task seriously.  Take your time to find the right people.  Find people with gifts that are different than yours.  Look to create the “DREAM TEAM”.  It will be more fun and you’ll accomplish so much more!


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