Elements of a Good Agenda

Here are the things you need to have on an AGENDA:

*Date, Time and Place of Meeting

*Who the meeting is for/ What group is meeting

*What the goal/purpose of the meeting is

*Agenda items with a time allotment

*Open discussion parameters

     – List the topics that you’re going to discuss with the time allotted

*Reporting parameters

     – Note if reports have been sent out prior to meeting.  If so, then assume that everyone has read the reports before the meeting.

*Action Points/Next Steps

*Next meeting date if needed

*Adjournment of meeting/End on time


Here are some other things you could add to an AGENDA:

*Team Building:

– Have the team share a high and a low of the week

– Have a team member share a portion of their personal story

– Do a structured team-building activity together


– Invite a guest to speak/address your team on a given topic

– Invite someone else from the organization to encourage your team


– Take time to intentionally affirm team members

– Allow your team to affirm others as well


– Take the time to allow dreaming & brainstorming.  Listen to your team members, often great ideas come from this time.



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