Four Obsessions

Patrick Lencioni writes in his book “The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive”  (Jossey-Bass ©2000) that the best way to create a competitive edge and help your organization or business to be the best it can be is to focus on creating a Healthy Organization.

Lencioni’s book from 2000 focuses on The Four Disciplines of a Healthy Organization and he basically ties healthy organizations back to leaders that focus on these 4 things.

Here’s a short description of the Four Disciplines:

#1)  Build and Maintain a Cohesive Leadership Team

– Know one another’s unique strengths & weaknesses

– Openly engage in constructive ideological conflict

– Hold one another accountable for behaviors and actions

– Commit to group decisions

#2)  Create Organizational Clarity

– Why the organization exists

– Which behavioral values are fundamental

– How are we unique

– Who is responsible for what

#3)  Over-Communicate Organizational Clarity

– Repetition:  Don’t be afraid to repeat the same message again and again

– Simplicity: The more complicated the message, the more potential for confusion and inconsistency

– Multiple Mediums:  People react to information in many ways; use a variety of mediums

– Cascading Messages: Leaders communicate key messages to direct reports; the cycle repeats itself until the message is heard by all

#4)  Reinforce Organizational Clarity Through Human Systems

– Hiring

– Managing performance

– Rewards and recognition

– Employee dismissal

How is the health of your organization? 

Read the book. There’s so much more in it!

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