Start Doing These Things in your Organization….NOW!

Do these things to breathe new life into your organization. They are simple and easy to do, but they take effort!  Try any of these and see what happens:  (Adapted from IIya Bogorad article in Tech Republic)

1.  Be enthusiastic in all things.

2.  Think Big.  Act on big and small opportunities alike.

3.  Learn to translate aspirations, needs and vision of the broader organization into tangible results you can deliver or facilitate.

4.  Encourage and empower your team members to decide how to go about their work within the guidelines and expectations you define.

5.  Poise challenging questions to your team. 

6.  Organize your work life so that you spend time on what’s important, not what landed on your desk.  Delegate in all directions.

7.  Communicate with your team members frequently and openly.  Always take the time to explain strategic decisions.

8.  Always be on the lookout for innovation in your industry and profession.

9.  Demand that your team members bring you solutions to problems, not the problems themselves.  This motivates and empowers them.  

10. Reward results.

11. Take every opportunity to promote your team within the organization.

12.  Solicit your team members on strategic directions.  Even the act itself is motivating, and you will see a high degree of engagement when it’s time to execute the common vision.

Being the leader means that you are bringing people WITH YOU.  Sometimes it’s much easier to move forward alone.  Imagine what could happen if you put some of these into place within your organization.  Imagine what you could do!

Try it.




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