Leveraging Your Investment

In the book, “Multipliers” by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown, they talk about leverage.

This is a excerpt from a chapter on investing. It compares the difference between “Micromanagers” and “Investors”:


What they do:

  • Manage every detail of the work to ensure it is completed the way they would do it.

What they get:

  • People who wait to be told what to do
  • People who hold back because they expect to be interrupted and told what to do instead
  • Free riders who wait for the boss to swoop in and save them
  • People who try to “work” their bosses and make sophisticated excuses


What they do:

  • Give other people the ownership for results and invest in their success

What they get:

  • People who take initiative and anticipate challenges
  • People who are fully focused on achieving results
  • People who can get ahead of the boss in solving problems
  • People who respond to the natural forces around them

Each of us as leaders need to determine if we’re going to be MICROMANAGERS or INVESTORS.

Which one provides more leverage, expanding the impact and freeing you up to do other things?

Take a minute to evaluate your style of leadership and see if there are some things you can adjust to become more of an investor.

Submitted by Russ/2015


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