We’re just better in all areas of our life. So why do we ignore the warning signs that are screaming at us to just take some time to RESTORE?

Here are 4 reasons that I find in me:

#1) I’m Moving Too Fast

I run in every area of my life, from one thing to the next. I’m always looking ahead, always trying to plan and execute, always trying to be proactive. When I’m running, I often ignore the signs telling me to “Slow Down”. There’s just too much to do, and I’m on mission to accomplish all that I can do.

#2) I Don’t Want to be Selfish

I buy into the mentality I mentioned above, we don’t want to be selfish. Our needs should be last, so we take care of everyone else before we address the need in our own life. The problem is that many times we never get to our needs. I don’t want to be selfish, or I don’t want to appear selfish.

#3) I Actually Think I Am Taking Care of Myself

I make some feeble attempts to take care of myself… 10 minutes of exercise, 12 minutes of extra sleep, 5 minutes of personal meditation. I’ve made my restorative needs a check-off list. I break them down and think that I’m doing them, when in reality I don’t every even get started.

#4) I Have No Idea What This Really Looks Like

I don’t know many people who do this well, so I can’t model after anyone. I haven’t seen it. Jesus is the model I keep coming back to and I see how he was able to do this as we glimpse his life and his priorities, but what does that look like in my world? I don’t see it.

So, we all come to the same conclusion, which is instead of figuring this out, we just continue to ignore it and move on with our lives.

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