Seven Steps for Starting Tomorrow Right

Dirk Zeller writes in “Successful Time Management for Dummies” these tips on starting tomorrow right. This is directly taken from his post:

“There’s nothing like getting your day started on the right time-management foot! Too many times, you end one day without preparing for the next . . . cluttered desks, disorganized calendars, and no plan for tomorrow can lead to unfinished tasks. To start tomorrow off right, follow these seven simple steps:

  1. Clear your desk.

    Put everything back into a file drawer, even if you plan to take those items right back out in the morning. Eliminate items to be filed or thrown away.

  2. Make tomorrow’s to-do list.

    List all the projects, tasks, telephone calls, meetings, and objectives you want to accomplish the following day.

  3. Prioritize the tasks on your to-do list.

    Be sure to complete the prioritizing completely from A-list activities (those with heavy penalties if they’re not completed) to lower-level tasks that can be delegated (D-list) or eliminated (E-list).

  4. Delegate all tasks, projects, and calls that someone else can do.

    If you can’t completely delegate the tasks because of their complexity or because a staff member is gone the next day, at least send a quick memo or e-mail letting the person know the assignment’s coming.

  5. Determine what you need to accomplish to make tomorrow a great day.

    By determining a goal, you increase your intensity, focus, and urgency from the time you walk through the door.

  6. Prepare your workspace for tomorrow’s A-1 priority task.

    Assemble all the materials you’ll need and neatly stack and organize them on your credenza or desk.

  7. Rate your day.

    To get better use of your time tomorrow, set aside time to reflect on today. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • What went well today? What didn’t go well?

    • Did you complete everything on your to-do list?

    • What did you learn today?

    • What would you have done differently?”

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Submitted by Russ/2016

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